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ALSF Membership

The African Legal Support Facility (“ALSF” or the “Facility”) is an international organization established to achieve sustainable legal capacity in Africa. 

0n 22 December 2008, the Agreement (or Treaty) establishing the ALSF entered into force with ten (10) signatories from the Participating States and International organizations and the deposit of seven (7) instruments of ratification, acceptance, or approval. The Treaty entry into force was a significant step in operationalizing the ASLF and strengthening its reach and legitimacy. The ALSF Treaty provides for Membership which is open to all countries and international organizations. 

Current Membership stands at sixty (60) members comprising of fifty-three (53) countries and seven (7) international organizations. This includes countries that have both signed and ratified and those that have signed and are in the process of ratifying the ALSF Treaty.

To become a Member of the ALSF, a State or an International organization is invited by the ALSF Director and CEO. Alternatively, the State or the International organization can notify its intention to be a member. The overall process is facilitated by the Corporate Secretary and General Counsel of the ALSF.

The Key benefits to being a Member of the ALSF include but are not limited to:

  • The Rights to participate in the governance of the Facility through its statutory organs: ALSF Management Board (5 members) and Governing Council (12 members); ALSF forums such as High-level events, Forum for members of the ALSF, Participation in the election of the ALSF Patron;
  • Priority assistance of ALSF’s services such as Capacity Building seminars on legal issues that arise in debt management and litigation, including assets recovery, complex commercial and business transactions, negotiation, natural resources and extractive industries management and investment agreements and international Arbitration;
  • Individualized and regional technical assistance to members requiring advisory and capacity building on specific focus areas of the ALSF;
  • Use of a roster of specialized law firms and legal experts to represent members in-focus areas of the ALSF;
  • Use of database system that informs on past and current trends on ALSF focus areas, including the ALSF Academy.

ALSF organizes a series of Masterclass to learn more about the Membership ratification process under its Treaty to raise its members’ awareness of the necessity to complete Membership. Participants are also informed on the benefits of becoming a member of the ALSF to achieve sustainable economic development through building legal capacity. The First Masterclass was held on 29 October 2021 through videoconference. Participants were High-Level officials representing Regional Member Countries. They expressed appreciation for this privileged occasion to discuss with ALSF Experts the ratification process under international law. The ALSF plans to hold the next session in January 2022.