The Governing Council (GC) is the supreme body of the Facility, in which all powers of the organization are vested, and includes twelve (12) members and twelve (12) alternate members representing the following constituencies:

Regional Member States: five (5) members and five (5) alternate members representing the participating States qualified as Regional Members of the African Development Bank Group, one for each of the five regions of Africa;

Member States of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD): four (4) members and four (4) alternates representing the participating States;

Non-OECD member states: one member and one alternate member representing non-regional and non-OECD participating states;

African Development Bank (AfDB) Group: one member and one alternate member; and

International organizations: one member and one alternate member representing international organizations other than the AfDB, which are parties to the Agreement.

The Members and Alternate Members of the CGo are appointed for a period of two (2) years.

The Management Board (MB) is responsible for the efficient and effective conduct of all operations of the ALSF, as well as for the approval of the Budget and appointment of the Director. It is composed of 5 members, serving in their personal capacity, who are appointed by the Governing Council for a 3 year non-renewable term.