The project cycle

The Project Cycle lays out the various stages of how ALSF operates including identifying country’s needs, providing the necessary expertise and the selection of legal counsel.

Where we operate ?

All Regional Member Countries (RMC) are eligible to receive assistance from the ALSF.

The Facility provides support on a demand-driven basis. The Facility has witnessed a significant expansion in its operations, throughout Africa, with an overall portfolio of hundreds of projects, which are spread out across all the ALSF’s strategic areas namely: creditor litigation; advisory services for the structuring and negotiation of complex commercial and business transactions, including large-scale infrastructures and public-private partnerships (PPPs), natural resources and extractives, as well as for the management and restructuring of sovereign debt operations; and capacity building.

How we operate?

The Facility delivers its services through the engagement of leading international law firms on the ALSF Legal Panel, selected through a competitive procurement process, local legal counsel and, when necessary, technical and/or financial advisors. All projects are additionally supported by the Facility’s team of in-house legal counsel.