Niger Mining 2 AS

The assistance provided by the legal counsel to the Niger has made it possible to strengthen the capacities of the Nigerien administration in matters related to mining legislation and projects, as well as to provide the necessary clarifications to better prepare and conduct negotiations with large mining companies. The objective of the negotiations is to identify the various imbalances, problems and constraints existing in the relations between and its partners. To achieve this, a comprehensive approach was adopted, which facilitated exchanges and the search for appropriate solutions by engaging in a direct, open, informed, and constructive dialogue. These exchanges led to the reiteration by stakeholders of commitments in terms of infrastructure and agricultural development in Niger. With regard to the mining projects, the interests of the State have been protected by resizing the stabilization mechanisms, in particular fiscal stabilization applicable to current the projects and by strengthening the requirements which weigh on the stakeholders, particularly in environmental and social matters. The current negotiations should allow the parties to obtain a fair and balanced agreement extending the existing partnership while adapting it to the requirements of the State and more particularly to the continuity of the exploitation of the uranium in Niger.